5 Outdoor Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Missing the outdoors while you’re cooped up inside? Luckily you can still get your daily dose of adventure through podcasts. Let the hosts and guests take you on their journeys through the great outdoors and gain a new appreciation for things you may have previously overlooked. And who knows— you may learn something helpful for the next time you hit the road!

So hit pause on your summer playlist and check out one of these five outdoors podcasts to pass the time. 

Outdoor Podcast Must-Listens

Backpacker RadioBackpacker Radio

Perfect for those who love long-distance backpacking and through-hiking, Backpacker Radio offers interesting interviews and guests that discuss all things trail culture, gear, advice, and outdoors news. Co-hosts Zach Davis and Juliana Chauncey give listeners a glimpse into life on the trail, from the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest and everywhere in between.

What does an episode look like? Episode #34— “Ken Illgunas on Trespassing Across America”: In this episode, Backpacker Radio sits down with author Ken Illgunas to discuss his hike along the Keystone XL Pipeline through public and private lands and rely on the help of complete strangers. In the episode, Illgunas shares his take on private land vs. public lands, discusses why hikers should be able to access on private lands, tells tales of van life.

Average run-time: 1.5 hours – 3 hours per episode

Nomads at the Intersections

Formerly known as the “Women on the Road” podcast, Laura Hughes interviewed different women each week who are living life on the road. In partnership with the “She Explores” podcast, it lent an honest female perspective to living life from a van, trailer, or RV.  Now, the “Women on the Road” podcast has relaunched as “Nomads at the Intersections,” hosted by Noami Grevemberg and Anaïs Moniq. With this new chapter, the podcast expands its coverage to dive deep into the stories of other underrepresented voices, discussing everything from van life to mental health to allyship.

Buckle up and be inspired to embrace the open road!

What does an episode look like? “When Travel Is Your Full-Time Job: Rachel Hill”: This 2019 episode interviews marketing consultant and influencer Rachel Hill, who has made a career out of her travels. Perfect for those starting life as a remote worker or a travel influencer, Hill discusses how to budget and work on the road.

Average run-time: 30 minutes per episode

Adventure Travel Podcast | Armchair ExplorerArmchair Explorer

Armchair Explorer is unique. Each episode is adventure storytelling set to music and cinematic sound effects. There’s no long-winded interviews, just action-packed stories from some of the world’s greatest adventurers.

What does an episode look like? “Extreme Road Trip: Alaska to Argentina”— Imagine the longest road trip you’ve ever been on. It probably wasn’t anywhere as long as Dan Grec’s 40,000 mile journey. In this episode, Grec talks about his “overlanding”-style extreme road tripping.

Average run-time: 30-40 minutes

Wild Ideas Worth Living | Listen via Stitcher for PodcastsWild Ideas Worth Living

REI Co-op produces several adventure filled podcasts. Hosted by Shelby Stanger, Wild Ideas Worth Living interviews all sorts of interesting characters from world-class explorers and authors to athletes and entrepreneurs. The overarching theme is about how people manage to take their wildest dreams and turn them into reality. Of course, you’ll get a healthy dose of adventure and outdoors mixed in too.

What does an episode look like? “How to Unplug with Danny Kim”— Ever been camping but notice that no one can put down their phone? There’s no doubt that technology has impacted our life in significant ways over the course of the last decade. Danny Kim is a researcher that studies the impact of technology on health and gives advice on how to actually unplug in this episode.

Average run-time: 35 minutes – 1 hour per episode


From Wyoming Public Radio comes HumaNature, the podcast that explores the intersection of humans and their habitat. Each episode tells stories of human experiences in nature. Throughout the journey, the podcast introduces listeners to people whose encounters help everyone reflect on their place in the natural world.

What does an episode look like? Episode 78: “Biking on Empty”— After cyclist Taylor Thibodeau biked across the country, he thought the adventure had just begun. However, a mysterious illness threw a wrench in all of his plans. The podcast takes us through his journey and shows us how to choose adventure anyways in life.

Average run-time: 20-30 minutes per episode

Hit Play

So whether you’re stuck at home or on the road, press play on these five outdoors podcasts. They’ll get you excited about your next trip and teach you a lesson or two about life outside. Happy listening!