2020’s Best RV Accessories

Storage space is hard to come by on an RV, so it’s important that everything you pack for your journey actually serves a purpose. Useless gadgets get in the way and cause more frustration than they’re worth. We want your journeys to be hassle and worry-free, which why we’ve compiled a list of 20 must-have RV accessories. These tools will make your life easier and your camping adventure more fun.

We’ve broken down the list into five categories:

  • Basic RV Supplies
  • RV Kitchen Accessories
  • Outdoor & Dry Camping Accessories
  • Organizational and Space Saving Accessories
  • RV Mechanical and Tech Accessories

Let’s dive in!

Basic RV Supplies

These aren’t necessarily fun or trendy accessories, but they are RV musts that you’ll be glad to have!

Water Pressure Regulator

RV water pressure regulator
Renator M-Series Water Pressure Regulator

You may have camped without a water pressure regulator and had no issue before, but it only takes one campsite with an extra-powerful water pressure to make you wish you’d been using one. When connected to an RV park’s water hookup, a good water pressure regulator will allow you to measure and adjust the rate of flow of water into your rig. This will save you from potential busted water pipes and the damages and inconveniences that go along with that.

Water Filter for Your Fresh Water

Clearsource RV water filter system
This Clearsource RV water filter system removes contaminates like pesticides, petrochemicals, chloramines, and more.

Ever been to a campsite whose potable water tastes slightly off? Never worry about funky drinking water again with a water filtration system. They’re easy to install, will give you the crisp hydration you deserve, and won’t take up room in the fridge like a Brita pitcher.

Black Water Tank Deodorizer

RV Digest-It 32 oz. 16 Treatment Bottle. The best RV holding tank treatment. RV Digest-It is the most advanced holding tank treatment available with the most effective bacteria and enzyme strains. Digests solid waste, removes odors, and maintains working sensor probes.
Unique Camping + Marine RV Holding Tank Treatment

If you don’t tend to your black water tank properly, you may find yourself dealing with not-so-pleasant odors. Keeping a black-water tank deodorizer is a must. This holding tank treatment from Unique Camping + Marine is made from safe ingredients and contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Disposable Gloves

Compostable disposable gloves
Compostable disposable gloves from Bonnie Bio

Speaking of the black water tank, that’s something you don’t want to be touching with bare hands! Keep a pack of disposable gloves handy for when you’re dealing with waste material. Check out eco-friendly options, like these from Bonnie Bio. They’re made from plant-based materials and are compostable.

RV Kitchen Accessories

Nothing’s better than a home-cooked meal when you’re camping. These RV kitchen accessories will help you whip up something tasty with ease!

Nesting Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups

MegaChef-8-Piece Plastic Assorted Colors Mixing Bowl Set with Measuring Cups
Mixing bowl and measuring cup set from Home Depot.

Things that fit into one another are a real space-saver in an RV. This set from Home Depot includes mixing bowls, measuring cups, a strainer, and a colander.

Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Combo Cooker
Lodge Combo Cooker from Academy

Though big and bulky, a good cast iron skillet is the only pan you’ll ever need when camping. Multi-functional pieces like this can be used indoors and outdoors and can cook just about any food imaginable.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

collapsible dish rack
Collapsible dish rack from Amazon

Counter space is limited in an RV kitchen, making an over-the-sink drying rack optimal. Even better is one that flattens when you’re not using it.

Portable Espresso Maker

Minipresso from Wacaco

Can’t go without your daily cup o’ joe? Elevate your coffee experience with a mini espresso maker. Go beyond a normal cup of coffee to brew favorites like lattes, Americanos, and more!

Outdoor and Dry Camping Accessories

These four accessories are great for those spending their days outside or planning on dry camping.

Inflatable Couch

Inflatable air lounger
The Lamzac Inflatable Lounger from Fatboy fits up to two people.

Hammocks are great, but unfortunately can’t be used at every campsite, either due to park rules or a lack of sturdy trees. That’s where the inflatable couch comes in. Kick back and relax on a cloud after a long day of exploring.

Solar Powered Lantern

Bloomio Twist solar light
Bloomio Twist from LuminAID

If you’re going where there’s no electricity, you’ll need something to help you see in the dark. These collapsable solar-charged lanterns from LuminAID are bright, and even come with cool features like Bluetooth-controlled color changing!

Solar Powered Phone Charger

Patriot Power Cell 1 Pack
Power Cell Pack from 4Patriots.

You’ll probably want to have your phone and other small gadgets charged too. A solar-powered power cell can give the juice you need.

Dry Bag

Osprey dry bag
Osprey 3L Dry Bag from REI

If you’re spending any time on the water, a dry bag is an absolute must-have. These will keep your belongings nice and dry, even if the bag takes a dunk in the water. It rolls up nicely, too, so you can even throw it in your day pack if you think rain showers are possible.

Organizational and Space Saving Accessories

These four accessories will help keep your RV space spick and span!

Magnetic Spice Rack

product image for DIY Small Magnetic Spice Jar Set
Spice jar set from Apollo Box.

Have you ever opened your RV spice cabinet only to find everything knocked over? Keep your spices organized AND out of the way with a magnetic spice rack. If you don’t have a magnetic surface already in your kitchen, make your own by nailing a strip of sheet metal to the wall.

Decorative Stackable Bins

Stackable bins
Decorative stackable bins from Lakeside.

Stackable bins are perfect for storing miscellaneous items you may have lying around your RV. They’re great for organizing cabinets or even for storing things in the open, thanks to their stylish design.

Over-the-Cabinet Wastebasket

InterDesign Axis Over-the-Cabinet Steel Wastebasket - image 3 of 5
Over-the-cabinet trashcan from Target.

No room for a trashcan on the floor? No problem. This wastebasket holder hides your trash on the inside of a cabinet door. It can also be used to store items, making it a great dual-purpose piece to have.

Under Cabinet Fruit & Veggie Hammock
Fruit and veggie hammock from Camping World.

Not only does a produce hammock help keep your fruits and veggies fresh and bruise-free, but it also saves counter space. Your produce deserves a little vacation too!

RV Mechanical and Tech Accessories

The last category on our list is mechanical and technology-related accessories for RVs. These will get you where you’re going safely and ensure you’re always connected.


Togo Roadlink
The Togo Roadlink from Winegard provides WiFi on the go for your RV.

Stay connected to the internet wherever you go by investing in a WiFi hotspot that goes wherever you go. There are several brands and plans to choose from, such as the Togo Roadlink.


Garmin RV 785 & Traffic GPS
Garmin RV 785 Navigator designed for motorhomes or trucks pulling large trailers.

If you’re driving a big rig, an RV GPS can come in handy by giving you customized routes that avoid things like narrow roads, weight-restricted highways, and low bridges.

Lithium Jump Starter

battery powered jump starter
Lithium battery powered jump starter from Audew.

Finding yourself with a dead battery in the middle of nowhere is no fun. Luckily, you don’t need another car to get a jump start if you have a lithium jump starter.

Roadside Safety Kit

All-in-One Car Emergency Kit
This kit from Survival Supply comes with gloves, tow rope, a reflective triangle, first aid materials, and more.

This may be the last RV accessory on our list, but safety should always come first! If you find yourself making repairs to your RV on the side of the road, a safety kit will help other motorists see you.

Happy Travels!

These 2020 accessories are sure to make you a happy camper. Have a safe and organized trip and happy RV travels!